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“By holding as little as five euro in your account, you will be a member for life”

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Joining your local credit union could be the best financial decision you will ever make.  It can set you up with a life-long habit of saving, interspersed with small to medium loans when you need them.  A good loan repayment history with the credit union can also help you develop a strong credit rating over time.

In becoming a member of your local credit union, you become part-owner of an ethical, financial co-operative whose activities benefit your local community every day and, as well as the competitive savings and loan products offered to you on an on-going basis, returns any operating surplus to you in the form of a share dividend and/or loan interest rebate.

To be eligible for membership of Portarlington Credit Union you must be living or working within our Common Bond which consists of Portarlington town and surrounding townlands.

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