Electronic Fund Transfer

In addition to electronic payments inwards to your savings or loan account, members can also transfer funds electronically out of your credit union account to another financial services provider e.g. bank etc.  This means:

  • No need to wait 5 working days for your funds to be available from your bank;
  • Transfers are made daily and will be available on the next business day;
  • You can transfer savings/loan to third parties.

Ask any member of staff for details.

Fund transfers are safe and fast. No need to carry large amounts of cash or wait for your cheque to clear.

To avail of this service simply bring the following to the credit union:

  • Your Bank Identifier Code (BIC);
  • International Bank Account Number (IBAN) of the account(s) you wish to transfer funds to and staff will complete the transactions;
  • Make sure the transfer is processed by you before 4pm to ensure it arrives at its destination the next working day.


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