Our Member Benefits

This credit union exists for the benefit of its members, whether savers or borrowers.  As a co-operative, our individual efforts combine for our mutual benefit.  Credit unions offer members the chance to have control over their finances by making their own savings work for them. Regular savings form a common pool of money which in turn provides many benefits for members. Not only will you help yourself, but you will be happy in the knowledge you are also helping your community in an ethical manner.

Benefits include:

  • Control over your own finances.
  • Support and advice on regular savings.
  • Loan availability at relatively low rates of interest.
  • Security of savings through the Irish League of Credit Union’s Savings Protection Scheme and the Government Deposit Protection Guarantee Scheme.
  • Loan protection and life savings insurance at no direct cost to the eligible member.
  • Death Benefit Insurance at no added cost to the member [terms and conditions apply link].
  • The confidence that the credit union has no fees or transaction charges on savings or loans.
  • The knowledge that your own savings are being used in your community.
  • Fixed loan rates and low interest rates.
  • Uncommitted savings withdrawable on demand (except for loan security).
  • Highest return rates from savings.
  • Confidentiality and strict privacy.
  • Standing Orders or Direct Debit from your bank to the credit union to save or make repayments.
  • Foreign Exchange Service available.
  • Travel Insurance from Coveru.ie – discount for members.
  • Home Insurance from Coveru.ie – discount for members.
  • Car Insurance from Coveru.ie – discount for members.
  • Bill pay service at the counter – pay your ESB, Phone, Gas etc. when you bring in a Bill with a barcode.
  • Christmas Club savings account.
  • Access Account which is a savings account separate to any shares you may have already pledged as security against a loan with us, making the funds in the Access Account withdrawable on demand even during the term of a loan.
  • Pay by debit card by phone or in person.