Cash Draw

Our much loved quarterly cash draw has seen 174 members win €405,000 between them over the past 4 years. The draw is held every quarter and it costs €10 per quarter. This money is deducted from your unattached savings (i.e. those not pledged against a loan). So it’s important to make sure your account holds enough unattached shares to be eligible for the draw each quarter.  We have seven winners for each draw, the top prize is €10,000 followed by €3,000, €2,000, €1,000 x 2 and €500 x 2. The total cash prize for each draw is €18,000. We also have a free draw at our AGM. If you’re not in you can’t win.

All members of the credit union over 18 years of age are eligible to join the cash draw.  A separate Cash Draw Application Form is needed to become a member of this draw.  Click here to download the cash draw application form